Roofing & Gutter Lead Generation Toolkit

12 tips to get more gutter + roofing leads online in 2019

If you are like most roofing and gutter business owners, online marketing is the last thing you want to think about.

You’re busy wrangling employees, updating customers, checking on job sites, and a million other things that come with the territory.

You know there are things you should be doing as a business owner, but you aren’t sure what’s important or where to begin.

If you want to build a more consistent, quality stream of roofing or gutter prospects in 2019, depend less on referrals outside of your control, and stop competing for low–bid work, this guide will give you some solid ideas on where to begin.

1. Add a mobile tap-to–call button

Make it dead simple to call you by placing a mobile tap–to–call button right at the top of your website. 

mobile tap to call example

2. Write a brief guide to offer website visitors

Traffic on your website = prospective customers.

Gather those prospects’ email addresses by offering them something of value.

What to offer? Think of what wish your customers knew or prepared for in advance, or ways to save your customers money in the long run (ex: “5 culprits of costly damage to your home, and how to prevent them”).

Type these tips out, save them as a PDF, and offer it as a download on your website (the key: the user has to enter their email to get access; then you can follow up!)

3. Make contact/estimate forms easy to find

Users are on your site because they’re looking for a new roof or new gutters. Make it painless to contact you by placing simple contact forms throughout your website. 

Roofer estimate form

4. Run a pay-per-click Google Adwords campaign

Pay–per–click is exactly what it sounds like: you set your daily budget, then pay only when someone clicks on your ad through to your website.

People tend do do a lot of research when deciding on services for their home, particularly for a service provider they know they’ll need again in the future.

When they’re searching terms like “roofing company Miami” or “Gutter installation near me”, you can retarget them by showing them ads for your business next time they’re browsing the internet.

We all see this nowadays: we’re searching for dog food online and next thing we know, we see an ad for a dog food company.

People who are searching for information on gutters are very likely to be great leads.

Simply by getting back in front of them after they search, you can increase that person’s likelihood of contacting you to do their project.

5. Email all existing customers with a special offer

Referrals are key to any business, and waiting for them doesn’t always cut it. If you have an email list, send them all a special offer: refer a friend and get 15% off their next year’s quarterly gutter cleaning.

If you don’t have a formal email list, take all your customers’ emails and put them into a free tool like MailChimp to send them all an email at once.

6. Grow your mailing list

Having an email list means having free and direct access to potential customers.

Engagement (open, click-through) rates are higher for email than other marketing alternatives, and on top of that, you own the list – Facebook could terminate your account tomorrow and you’d lose access. There’s value in owning and controlling your main channel of communication with customers and prospects.

So, how do you grow your email list?

In addition to offering a free resource to download (See #1), you could re-engage users as they’re about to leave your site with a non–spammy exit–intent pop–up; include a subscribe form in the footer of your website; or offer a deal or discount for subscribing.

7. Boost SEO with industry–specific blog posts

SEO seems complicated, but really it boils down to a simple idea: Google wants to answer people’s questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Think about the questions your customers ask you all the time (“How do I keep my gutters in good shape?”, “What size downspout do I need?”) and write a short post answering that specific question.

With some time and a little luck, someone local to you searches that very same thing and who pops up on Google? You!

This makes you look like the expert you are, builds trust and, best of all, is free advertising.

8. Get more 5–star reviews

When’s the last time you paid for a service without looking at the company’s reviews online? Unless your buddy recommended them personally, you probably did some digging.

This is exactly what your leads are doing, too. They search things like “roofers Dallas” and “gutter cleaning Nashville”.

Google then serves up some companies, and, if yours pops up, the number of stars and reviews shows right underneath.

Actually getting your customers to leave reviews can require some persistence.

But reviews are absolutely critical to inspiring trust in people who don’t know you and your business personally.

Here’s how to send customers a direct link to your Google reviews.

Local search

9. Optimize your business’ Facebook page

It’s easy to neglect social media, or to ignore it entirely, assuming it doesn’t apply to your business.

But the reality is, social profiles show up on Google when people search your business name. Younger homeowners especially are going to look you up in multiple places online.

If you don’t have a business Facebook page, your online footprint is smaller.

If you do have one, but let it get out of date and unattractive, it doesn’t reflect well on your business.

Facebook’s business platform can be a little overwhelming, but the good news is, the crucial stuff is pretty easy. Here’s a great article to get you started.

10. Add the Facebook tracking pixel to your website

If you want to get fancy, you can track people who go from your Facebook page to your website.

Instead of waiting for them to reach out to you, you can actively (and affordably) get your gutter business in front of them through ads shown on Facebook and elsewhere online.

Here’s Facebook’s guide on getting started.

11. Claim your Google My Business listing

When someone searches your business name, you want to show up like this in the sidebar:

Google my business - Roofer

This makes it super easy for people to find out more about you, visit your website, contact you, read your reviews, and help convert leads into paying customers.

Here’s how to add or claim your business on Google.

12. Use your website like an employee

Your website isn’t a brochure – it should be working for you 24/7.

Prospective customers end up on your website because they have a need – storm damage, redirecting runoff, clogged drainpipes – and your website should be actively working to sell you as the expert they can rely on.

For this to happen, your site should answer your customers’ common questions, remove doubts by showing off reviews and experience, and streamline the contact process to be as simple as possible.

Plus, you want the design to immediately build trust and establish credibility and professionalism.

What could you add to your website without needing a major overhaul?

An FAQ section, click–to–call phone number, your Instagram feed, simple and easy contact form, professional photographs of your work, and of course, plenty of 5–star reviews from happy customers.

So there you go! Some effective strategies you can use to help generate more leads online for your roofing or gutter business. Don’t try to do all this at once – pick one and go from there. Remember, you know your business and your customers, so you know how to connect with them online best.

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