How Global Instability Is Changing AV-Related Searches

Video Conferencing


As I write this in March 2020, much of the world is homebound as a global crisis sets in.  It’s impossible to separate any business from these macro trends. As it relates to the AV integration space, we’re seeing a few early trends in search activity that may help us verify some assumptions as to what’s helpful to customers during this time.


Early assumptions:

    • With customers’ attention focused elsewhere, immediate needs related to spending more time at home, and particularly to working at home, may gain prominence
    • Meanwhile, project categories that feel less necessary and urgent during this time may lose traction

This is very much a “reading the tea leaves” exercise, as data is early at this point.  The charts below show relative search volume, so it’s about spotting trends, rather than absolute volume.  But in terms of understanding how your customers’ mindsets are evolving, this is a good place to start.

What are the takeaways so far? Anything enabling your customers to work from home is trending up, and traditional AV categories are trending pretty flat, though aren’t necessarily losing search volume at this point.

What does this mean for you?  In your messaging to customers, consider leading with services that address an urgent need for customers, and expanding the conversation from there.


Trending Up


Categories around working from home are seeing a surge in interest at present.  Video conferencing capabilities, VoIP, home networking and WiFi improvements, and environmental filtering improvements are all seeing upticks in interest.

Work from Home
Video Conferencing
Faster Wifi
Home Networking
Air Purification

Trending Flat or Down

Traditional mainstays of the AV space including automation, security, lighting control and home theaters aren’t dropping much, but they don’t have trending interest right now.

Home Automation
Smart Home
Home Security
Home Theater
Lighting Control


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