Case Study: Premier Sound

See how we helped increase Organic Traffic by +67%

Does your site struggle to rank, even for some of your most profitable services?

We’ve seen it before. When Premier Sound, based in Myrtle Beach, SC, first came to us, their local rankings weren’t accurately reflecting their strong position in the market. Some targeted terms, like ‘business wifi charleston’, were buried deep on page 5 of Google, or lower.

After diagnosing their situation, we realized a lack of website content for these services was the primary initial roadblock.

Many services were listed on a single page, with little to no content.  Google responds much better when each core service has its own page as well as valuable information that’ll engage real users, and be helpful to them.  

That meant to get in a better position, we’d have to start building out a website driven by content and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Over a couple of project phases, we started to tackle these issues together.

Phase I: Website + SEO Setup

Premier Sound came to us in 2017 with a few issues:

  • Separate, redundant websites for the business’s two locations
  • Little content on each page
  • Pages not constructed with SEO in mind
  • Few testimonials
  • No leveraging of the awesome video content they had produced

We worked together on a digital strategy with three key components:


  1. Optimize content for each key product, brand & service
  2. Optimize content for each key city served
  3. Put client testimonials and video content front and center

The redesigned website

A primary goal of this project was to put lead generation front-and-center. We added a form on the home page. Today, about 20% of all website inquiries come through this form.


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Premier Sound laptop

Review Generation

New 4 and 5-star reviews flow directly to the home page from 3rd party review platforms like Google. Social proof from happy customers speaks louder than anything you can say yourself!

Premier sound reviews

Streamlining the Site

Initially, there were two entirely separate websites targeting different cities. This provides redundant and confusing information to Google. We combined these two websites into one, but created local Service Area pages to help the site show up in Google for local searches.

Premier Sound areas served

Phase II: SEO & Ad Management

After the initial website project, we found that while SEO had picked up after the website refresh, there was more to be done.

Keyword Rankings

  • A couple dozen primary keywords were ranking on the first page of Google, but some keywords were lagging.  For example, “Business wifi charleston” was ranked #56 in Google. By breaking out a separate page targeting that service + location combination, we were able to bump up 50 spaces into the top 5 spots.
Business wifi Charleston keyword
‘Business wifi Charleston’ keyword

SEO campaign
(Organic Google traffic up 67% in 6 months)

SEO impacts on traffic are ramping up, but since the client has relied more on a pay-per-click advertising over the years, there’s still a ways to go.  We’ve used the following strategy to increase organic traffic by 67% in 6 months:


  • Blog posts
  • Link building
  • Directories / local citations
  • Review generation software
Premier Sound organic traffic
Premier Sound organic traffic

Overall Leads & Traffic

Overall, we were able to increase leads by 1.5x and paid ad traffic by 2x, while keeping within the same ad budget the client was already using.


  • 2x increase in paid traffic (median monthly traffic over six months)
  • 1.5x increase in leads (median monthly leads over six months)
Premier Sound lead trends
Premier Sound lead trends
Premier Sound total paid ad traffic
Premier Sound total paid ad traffic
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