SEO Case Study: A 20x Traffic Increase (in 5 months)

  • By: Ryan Kane
  • Date: January 30, 2023
  • Time to read: 1 min.

From January-May 2022, we took a website’s organic Google traffic from 300 to 6,000 visits/month.

The following case study describes the SEO strategies that made this possible.

Stuck in low-traffic limbo?

Many businesses have websites that only receive a few hundred visits per month. This puts a hard cap on your potential for new leads and sales. If your traffic is low, the best website in the world won’t make much difference.

SEO doesn’t happen instantly—but six months of concentrated effort can be transformative.

Over five months, we took the website below from 300 visits (Jan 2022) to 6,000 visits (May 2022).

62b0e72f77863cc2db9e53d2 2022 case study website
The website started at 300 visits/month

Although this website’s rankings had stagnated for years, we were able to rank for hundreds of terms on the first page of Google in a matter of months.

62b0f98f5bc4164915a24c63 hundreds ranking first page of google
We ranked 100s of keywords on Page 1 of Google, driving thousands of additional visits per month

How’d we do it?

With careful keyword research and lots of quality content.

Our SEO philosophy

There are many SEO activities that DON’T move the needle. If you’re like most businesses, you need to focus on getting two things right:

1. Keyword research
2. Content creation

There are other activities in the world of SEO that impact results, but it all starts here. In addition, your campaign may also require activities like:

  • Internal linking
  • Improving existing content
  • Mapping content silos
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Conversion optimization
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Backlink creation
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