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It’s not rocket science.

Maybe it used to be, but it’s not anymore in 2022, now that Google is getting better and better at understanding user intent.

(Spam SEO tactics don’t work anymore).

That means if you have someone on your team who can write, you can do this.

In fact, content coming from you is actually BETTER than any alternative


Because you only want to create content that answers questions your potential customers have.

And because you know your business and your customers best, you’re the best one to help them.

Why wouldn’t I hire an SEO agency?

You should, if your budget is $25k+ per year.

That’s what good agencies cost.

The kind that won’t take shortcuts that ultimately get your site penalized by Google and tank your rankings.

They need to pay staff to understand your specific industry, research questions your customers have, and develop a strategy. Then, they need to pay excellent content writers $80+ per article. (Multiplied by 20 articles a month, that’s already $20k/year). Finally, they’ll do some work to create backlinks for you. While backlinks are good (like having the New York Times link to you, for example), good ones are expensive to acquire. Plus, content is more important than ever to Google, and backlinks can be acquired naturally by creating content people want to link to.

So can you really have someone on your team do this?


If each of your blog posts averages 30 visits a month, and someone on your team writes three posts per week for a year, you’re building to 4,680 visits/month or 56,160 visits/year.

If 1% of that traffic fills out a form, that’s 561 leads in a year.

If 10% of those leads convert into sales, that’s 56 new customers.

You just need to put your effort in the right direction, by:

  • Writing blogs intended to answer questions your customers have (this is the most important)
  • Writing blogs that people will want to link back to (because it’s valuable to them to share)

Here’s where we come in

You: You’re a business owner who wants more customers and has someone on your team who (a) knows how to write and (b) has a little extra time. You don’t want to pay $25k+ per year for SEO or ads, but you do want people to be able to find you on Google. But sporadic and nonstrategic blogging by yourself isn’t getting results.

Us: We’re SEO strategists who can tell your team what topics to write about in order to get seen by your customers, and what the lowest-hanging opportunities are. We’ll tell you which questions your customers are asking and how to answer them, and how to create content that gets backlinks so your site’s authority grows. We’ll also help you find what keywords your competitors are ranking for, and tell you which ones are vulnerable so you can outrank them.

“But I don’t have time / I don’t have someone who can write!”

SEO is two things:

  1. The strategy
  2. The execution

Our goal is to provide the strategy so you can execute with confidence.

If you don’t have someone who can write and don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can also hire a qualified writer using WriterAccess or similar services.

How to get a year’s worth of SEO advice for $97

You sign up for this audit.

We review your website and rankings, and give you a play-by-play of what we’d do in your shoes over the coming year:

  • Blog topics and themes we’d cover over the coming year
  • How to outrank your competitors
  • Tweaks you may need to make to your website

The focus will be on SEO, but if there are issues with your website that will be an obstacle to conversion, we may mention those too.

All for $97. 100% money back guarantee.

We’ll deliver this to your email as a video recording 20 minutes in length, within one week.

Please note that we are focused on helping as many businesses as we can with video audits, so we aren’t able to provide additional consulting or email support beyond the video recording.


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