About Wheelhouse Digital

Ryan & Connor Kane, Owners of Wheelhouse Digital

Hey there! We are Ryan Kane & Connor Kane — two brothers who moved from Raleigh, NC to the coast (Mexico and the Outer Banks, respectively). We’ve spent the last 5 years running digital marketing strategy for dozens of businesses. Now we have a simple core focus: help you get more traffic without the headache or exorbitant costs.

Your business has a website you’re proud of. But right now, it’s like a beautiful store with no road to get there.

You could run ads…but you’re not excited about spending $1-20 a click to get people there.

You could hire a solid SEO agency, but you don’t have $25k per year in the budget.

You could redesign it (maybe that’s the problem?) but you just paid $10k 2 years ago to do that.

Here’s the deal:

You want to get high-quality traffic to your website — without spending your entire marketing budget or becoming an SEO expert to get there.

What if you had a clear, straightforward strategy to follow? One you could be confident would be worth the effort you put in.

We’ll show you how.

What we do

We help you save time and wasted effort by sharing straightforward SEO & marketing strategies that grow your business. We do this through our blog and SEO video review service.

How can we help?

  • Start here: on our blog, we publish our research, strategies, and advice to help your website bring in more clients.
  • Ready for a simple, focused strategy you can follow? Through our SEO Video Reviews, you can get a year’s worth of personalized SEO advice for a fraction of the cost of one month with a good SEO agency.